New Ranking Says Midwest State is Happiest in America

Illinois checks in at 24th

According to a new ranking, the happiest state in America is right here in the Midwest.

The ranking, conducted by personal finance website Magnify Money, says that Minnesota is the happiest state in the country, based on a combination of factors including health, lifestyle, and prosperity.

Minnesota ranks third in lifestyle and health, and is also one of the most economically stable states in the country, according to the publication.

Two other Midwest states also cracked the top ten, as Wisconsin (sixth) and Iowa (eighth) both rank highly.

Illinois is near the middle of the ranking, checking in at 24th. Missouri ranks 25th in the country, and Indiana sits in 32nd place.

For the unhappiest state in the Union, you’d have to go south, as Louisiana holds the distinction as the unhappiest state in America. 

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