Minnesota Couple Responds to Neighbor's Letter Calling Their Christmas Decorations an ‘Eyesore'

NBC 5 News

A Minnesota couple received an anonymous letter criticizing their holiday decorations, but they were not going to let a neighborhood Grinch steal their Christmas.

Adam Duncan and Brandi Joy told NBC affiliate station Kare 11 that they annually dress their front yard in festive gear to spread the holiday cheer. Last week, someone has a few words to say about the couple's display.

"Your yard decorations (if you call it that) are very much an eye sore for the neighborhood," the letter read. "Please stop or at least tame it down."

The couple's spirits waivered, according to the outlet. Joy shared the letter on social media, where she was met with a flurry of support as people wrote the couple letters and stopped by with gifts.

But the couple still could not get over the situation, the station said. So, they extended their mysterious neighbor an olive branch of sorts.

"Do you need us to bring you a meal once in a while? Sometimes we have a little bit of extra. Is it plain-old hurt from when you were younger? I'm here to help," Duncan told the station.

"I also want to get to know your story," Joy said to the outlet, addressing the neighbor. "See if there is something we can do to accommodate or compromise, you know something like that. Just talk — be a neighbor; be a friend. The world is so unfriendly at times and it takes nothing to be nice and kind."

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