Miller High Life Just Created “Dive Bar” Ice Cream — Meant to Smell, Taste and Feel Like Your Favorite Dive Bar

When it comes to ice cream, you've got the classics -- like Vanilla, Chocolate Chip, Rocky Road and Cookie Dough. And then, you've got some more adventurous flavors, like Bubble Gum and...well, Dive Bar.

That's right, Dive Bar. It's the newest ice cream flavor from none other than Miller High Life, the so-called "Champagne of Beers."

According to a press release, the beer has partnered with liquor-infused ice cream maker Tipsy Scoop to create a dive bar inspired ice cream flavor, because "there is nothing quite like the tastes, smells and feels of a dive bar."

So, what exactly does a dive bar smell, feel and taste like?

According to the release, it's a mix of nostalgia, bar peanuts, and a very sticky floor.

"The immediate smell of history when you walk in because the bar is undoubtedly old," the release says, "the peanuts on the bar top that are free to eat, your feet sticking to the floor, the dim and dark lighting no matter what time of day it feels like night and aroma of smoke that doubles as cologne for those in the bar."

Using that recipe, the ice cream -- infused with High Life and served in bar form, of course -- will contain:

  • Peanut and caramel swirls, in honor of the sticky, "quintessential dive bar snack"
  • A hint of "tobacco smoke flavor," paying homage to "that unforgettable dive bar scent"
  • Dark chocolate, to "evoke the dark wood and dim lighting ambiance that all good fives share"

High Life's Ice Cream Dive Bars can be purchased in 6-packs here.

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