Military Aircraft Delivers Obama Belongings to Chicago

A military C-5 aircraft arrived in Chicago Thursday morning, bringing with it a shipment of former President Barack Obama’s belongings.

A source exclusively told NBC 5 the artifacts will be sent to storage and eventually end up in the Obama Presidential Center.

The plane arrived about 9:30 a.m. in Chicago. 

The former president visited Chicago on Wednesday, the first time since he left office, and held meetings with community leaders and others involved in the Obama Foundation.

The former president was seen Wednesday in photos on social media in Chicago.

The source said Obama was staying in the city through Thursday, noting the "library is a priority."

Valerie Jarrett told the Chicago Sun-Times the president is eager to hear suggestions from community members to bring opportunities to the area.

Obama also is about to begin a major fundraising effort for the new presidential center and all that will come with it: an event complex, library and museum.

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