Mike McCaskey Participates in Auto Show Tech Talk

For Mike McCaskey the Chicago Auto Show is an opportunity to shop for his next vehicle.

McCaskey, whose family owns the Chicago Bears, made an impromptu appearance on The Peggy Smedley Show at the Connected World Pavilion on Monday.

McCaskey was walking around asking for information about the connected car technology, and returned to participate in a conversation about safety while driving and the new technology advances that easily cause distractions. 

"It's a battle between two brains," McCaskey said. "Right now I don't think they act well together."

McCaskey said the pace of technology may affect his buying decision and he usually keeps a car between five to eight years before searching for a new vehicle.

Connectivity and what that interface is like between the smartphone and the technology is the first thing he is looking for in a new vehicle, McCaskey said.

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