Mike Glennon Felt ‘Cheated On' When Bears Picked Mitchell Trubisky: Report

The Chicago Bears surprised pretty much everyone when they took quarterback Mitchell Trubisky with the second-overall pick in last week’s NFL Draft, but one of the people surprised by the news probably should have gotten at least a heads-up.

According to a report from Rich Campbell of the Chicago Tribune, Bears quarterback Mike Glennon, who signed a three-year contract with the team earlier this year, was surprised when the team ended up trading up a spot to take Trubisky, and that he found out the same way that fans did.

“He found out as the rest of the world did. The Bears didn’t believe in him as much as he thought, as much as they conveyed to him during his blissful first seven weeks on the job. Glennon felt as though he had been cheated on, according to people in the know. When admiration, affection and support abruptly become rejection, it hurts. And the pain cuts deep.”

Glennon will make a guaranteed $18.5 million in the coming season, where he figures to be the starter while Trubisky begins to learn the NFL game. Footwork issues and taking snaps under center will definitely be part of the program as Trubisky embarks on his NFL career, but he’ll certainly be the name on everyone’s lips if Glennon should dare to struggle at all in his opening season in Chicago

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