‘No Plans To Change': Mielle Organics Founder Addresses Concerns After Popular Product Shoots to TikTok Fame

After TikTok stars posted now-viral videos promoting the Rosemary Mint Scalp and Hair Strengthening Oil from Black-owned hair care brand Mielle Organics, many users reported having trouble finding some of the beloved haircare product - which led to concerns, including conversations about white online creators appropriating beauty trends from people of color

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The founder of Mielle Organics, a Black-owned hair care brand based in Indiana, says the company's popular hair oil isn't changing, despite concerns from a growing number of people on social media following recent viral videos.

After notable white TikTok stars posted now-viral videos promoting Mielle Organics' Rosemary Mint Scalp and Hair Strengthening Oil, many users reported having trouble finding some of the beloved haircare product.

Influencers like Alix Earle, a 22-year-old University of Miami student who has amassed a following of 3.2 million on the app, recently posted videos reviewing the hair oil.

"I've only been using this for like a little bit over a month and I've already seen tremendous hair growth," Earle said in a video.

The video, which currently sits at 4.8 million views, quickly garnered attention.

On Tuesday, the Indiana-based company's founder, Monique Rodriguez, released a statement on the brand's social media pages addressing the controversy and assuring customers that no changes were in store.

"I also wanted to come here first and assure you that we have no plans to change the formula to the Rosemary Mint Oil or any of our products," Rodriguez wrote.

Other popular TikTokers, like Danielle Athena, have also touted the product as part of their haircare routines.

As the product shot to TikTok fame, some users reported it was sold out at various stores, sparking concerns.

The supply concerns were also met with a conversation about white online creators appropriating beauty trends from people of color as longtime users of Mielle feared changes could be in store for the brand.


I live in New Hampshire (yes you read that right) and the selection of Black hair care products is already abysmal. Please consider using alternatives, Mielle Organics is the only reason I still have natural hair 😭

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Mielle Organics is no stranger to online popularity, with almost one million Instagram followers and partnerships with celebrities like Megan Pete, aka "Megan Thee Stallion."

But after the viral videos shot to TikTok fame, some who spoke out noted that many white women creating reviews on the product lacked knowledge around how to use the oil properly, resulting in negative reviews. Some speculated the negative reviews could lead the brand to adjust its formula.

"It’s the fact they giving it bad reviews for them to change the formula.. it doesn’t work for you because it’s not for you," one TikTok user commented.

"Look at the reviews in Amazon they’re leaving reviews saying their hair fall out… because it’s not for their hair," another wrote.

In an article written by Clevland Clinic in August of 2022, dermatologist Shilpi Khetarpal, MD, explains hair oiling affects different hair textures in different ways.

"Certain hair types can benefit from oiling more than others. People with dry, coarse tightly curled hair can benefit from oiling, while others with fine, straight hair may find oiling weighs their hair down too much," he said.

Still, some users expressed concern that Mielle would eventually change their formula to also accommodate additional hair types.

"If Mielle changes her ingredients to appease to white women, I promise I won't be buying nothing else from her," one Twitter user wrote, noting similar controversies surrounding other brands.

In her statement, Rodriguez went on to promise customers full transparency should there be any potential adjustments in the future.

"We've been together on this ride for awhile," the caption on Mielle's statement on Instagram reads, "so you know that my journey with Mielle started from a place of creating the product I wasn't finding in the marketplace. We remain forever committed to developing quality, efficacious products that address the need states for our customers' hair types!"

Rodriguez's statement didn't directly address the TikTok videos and stars like Earle have not yet commented on the discussion.

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