Midway Airport Among “Scariest:” Report

Website blames short runways

Chicago's Midway Airport is one of the ten scariest airports in the U.S., according to an airfare-finding website.

Midway's short runways are the reason for the dubious distinction, according to Airfarewatchdog, which came up with the list. The runways are around 2,000 feet shorter than most, causing some pilots to have overshot them over the years, the website pointed out.

Another airport deemed difficult on pilots and making the list was Sitka Rocky Gutierrez Airport in Sitka, Alaska, because it's built on an island and faces potentially unpredictable weather.

LaGuardia in New York City made the list because its airspace is crowded, and Reagan National Airport in Washington, DC was named scary because of its location between two overlapping no-fly zones.

The website still contends air travel is among the safest ways to get around.

"We really don't want to scare people from flying, so maybe we should call these the most 'thrilling' airports to land at," said website founder George Hobica. "Air travel, mile for mile, is still the safest way to get from place to place, other than perhaps, your own two feet."

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