Midlothian Residents Still Without Power, Cleaning Up Damage from Monday's Severe Weather

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The National Weather Service said it is investigating whether a tornado hit south suburban Midlothian during the same severe weather event that caused multiple tornadoes across the western suburbs and the north side of Chicago on Monday afternoon.

There are downed trees and bent utility poles in at least two neighborhoods in Midlothian.  Additionally, many residents in Midlothian said they are without power more than two days after the severe weather occurred.

“It’s just another disaster added to our other disasters,” said resident Keri Weiss, whose sport utility vehicle was crushed by a fallen tree limb.

Dorese Ramsey said her house suffered roof damage and the winds dented her swimming pool and destroyed her fence and shed.

“We saw things getting lifted, spinning up in the sky,” Ramsey said.

Many residents are using generators to power their refrigerators.  They said ComEd notified them that their electricity may not be restored until Saturday, a common notification for numerous communities around the Chicago area.

Nearly 80,000 ComEd customers remain without power Wednesday, more than two days after a powerful derecho struck the area. The National Weather Service has confirmed at least nine tornadoes touched down during the severe weather, but still haven't confirmed whether a tornado struck Midlothian.

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