The Science Behind Hinrich’s Re-Signing

Sam Smith gives a behind the scenes look into Hinrich coming back to the Bulls

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The re-signing of Kirk Hinrich to the Bulls sent a number of opinionated Bulls fans into a frenzy this summer. Many saw Kirk’s return as Jerry Reinsdorf bringing back his "son," while others viewed Hinrich as some sort of unofficial Bulls mascot.

But the loudest of the anti-Kirk contingent came from bloggers who, in addition to their regular writing duties, would like for you to believe they’re also "capologists" -- individuals well-versed on the intricacies of NBA salary cap rules, and educated enough to inform you, the reader, on how the Bulls had blown it financially in free agency.
Kirk’s eventual return to the Bulls may have been preordained when he was shipped out of town two summers ago during the free-agency extravaganza of 2010, but Derrick Rose’s ACL injury made Hinrich's reacquisition more of a basketball decision as opposed to a prodigal son story. writer Sam Smith did an excellent job on clearing up the Hinrich signing with information into what was actually taking place behind the scenes, while also shedding light on other roster issues that have raised the ire of fans and bloggers with regard to the team’s new roster.
But as it related to the Bulls salary cap issues, know this: if the recent financial collapse has taught us anything it's that any rules made with regard to money can always be broken; or at least circumvented through some sort of loophole.  
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