Jagger Brings Satisfaction to “SNL” Season Finale

Mick Jagger does double duty as host and musical guest of "Saturday Night Live's" season finale

Sir Mick Jagger brought his easy charm and stage presence to Studio 8H, doing double duty as host and musical guest of "Saturday Night Live’s" season finale.

Although Jagger has appeared on “SNL” in the past, this was the first time the rock and roll legend hosted the late night sketch show solo.

The Rolling Stones frontman kicked off the season finale by using the opening monologue to answer “those Jagger frequently asked questions.”

“Mick, have you finally got satisfaction?” went one of the questions.

“It’s a trick question,” mused Jagger. “If I say ‘no,’ then you’d be like ‘what’s your problem, man? Exactly what more do you need?’ And if I say ‘yes,’ then I can’t sing the song anymore.”

In a karaoke night sketch, Jagger played "Kevin," an insurance conference attendee ridden with stage fright. Unable, and unwilling, to partake in the festivities, "Kevin" gamely sat back while his colleague “Frank” (Fred Armisen) took to the karaoke stage with an impressive Jagger impersonation, complete with the signature dance moves and facial expressions.

But the “Start Me Up” performance didn’t leave much of an impression on “Kevin.”

“I don’t think he looks like Mick Jagger, or sounds like him,” Jagger said.

Jagger had his turn to do impersonations in the So You Think You Can Dance at an Outdoor Music Festival sketch, where the Rolling Stones frontman played Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler, parodying Tyler’s over-the-top "American Idol" judging.

He also showed off his comedic chops later in the show when he crooned a blues song mocking the presidential race.

“Who be sitting in that Oval Office who can say I must confess,” Jagger sang. “I bet you in six months he’ll be screaming ‘won't you let me out of this mess!’”

The last sketch of the 37th season featured Jagger as a school headmaster at a graduation ceremony.

“Many of you are moving onto college, but I’d like to take a moment to say goodbye to one particular student who is leaving this summer … to become a nun,” Jagger announced.

The "student" was castmember Kristen Wiig, who joined Jagger on stage for an emotional sendoff. Singing and dancing to musical renditions of “She’s a Rainbow” and “Ruby Tuesday,” Jagger was on hand to help Wiig end her seven-year “SNL” career, and the show’s 37th season.

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