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Michelle Obama's “Bald” Appearance on “Jeopardy!” Prompts Questions

Michelle Obama appeared in a series of video clues about healthy eating on the game show Tuesday

Answer: This First Lady prompted questions about baldness after appearing on "Jeopardy!" with a slicked back look.

Question: Who is Michelle Obama?

The First Lady appeared in a series of video clues on the game show "Jeopardy!" Tuesday to promote her anti-obesity "Let's Move" initiative. Her clues about healthy cooking, however, were largely ignored on social media as questions arose about her hair, or seeming lack of it.

It's likely the First Lady had her hair pulled back into a ponytail or a bun, but the slicked back look combined with the lighting above created the illusion that she had no hair at all.

Obama had a category of her own on the show called "Healthy Cooking With Michelle Obama." In one clue, she asked participants to identify the element in canned vegetables that we should avoid because they cause high blood pressure. She also asked about a pigment in red and orange vegetables that helps improve eye health.

The First Lady closed out the round with a statement about cooking healthy meals at home.

"Even if it's just one more meal a week, cooking at home can improve your health and also save you money," Obama said.

(Video Source: "Jeopardy!"/YouTube)

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