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14-Year-Old Student Mourned Online

"ok guys lets no wear pajamas on tuesday"



    14-Year-Old Student Mourned Online

    A 14-year-old Naperville school girl who apparently died of swine flu is the subject of an outpouring of grief from friends online.

    A YouTube video slideshow simply titled "Michelle Fahle" shows photos of the smiling teenager with her friends. The slideshow's scored by Canadian pop singer Damhnait Doyle's song "Say What You Will," a popular song from the TV teen drama Degrassi.

    Uploaded yesterday, the video has upwards of 20 comments memorializing Michelle. Some of the comments suggest that classmates should wear orange pajamas in memory of their friend.

    "ok guys lets no wear pajamas on tuesday," reads a comment from LostFox910. "They want us to wear blk but orange is her fav color so i say we were orange in michelle's honor. So guys orange or blk?"

    Another comment from 4fries read "Michelle i miss you soo much :'( you were my gym buddy i dont know what i'd do without you but i know you're in a better place now."

    The DuPage County Health Department and the Illinois Department of Public Health are conducting an investigation into Michelle's death. Those results won't be available until Friday.

    The school said it would provide social workers and guidance counselors to address concerns.

    "We love our kids each individually and to lose one is very painful to both students and faculty and our families," Naperville North principal Kevin Pobst said Thursday night, according to Chicago Breaking News.