Metra Delays Strand Union Station Passengers

Switching problems lead to delays, frayed nerves


Update: Metra apologizes

Things appear to be getting back to normal at Union Station after switching problems led to rush hour delays and frayed nerves.

Delays of up to 50 minutes were reported on several Metra lines at the height of the situation.

Hundreds of passengers at Union Station were stranded at a scene described by one passenger as "total chaos."

"But for luck, no one was pushed or fell in front of a train in the packed pandemonium that is Union Station tonight," passenger Gerald Sweeney emailed. "This train station and Metra's lack of a plan is ripe for the disaster that will eventually happen."

Sweeney said Metra employees were sending packed crowds onto already packed platforms and announcing the modified schedules, causing passengers to turn back to fighting the crowd to get back into the station.

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