Men Charged in Landlord's Murder Lured Him to Home With Call of ‘Leaky Roof': Pros.

Authorities said the body of Vasudeva Kethireddy, of Rolling Meadows, was found Friday, nearly two months after he was reported missing

Two Chicago men accused of murdering their landlord allegedly lured him to the home with a call of a "leaky roof" before choking him to death, prosecutors said. 

The brothers, Elijah and Tony Green, and a roommate had owed rent to 76-year-old Vasudeva Kethireddy when the siblings began plotting the murder last month, prosecutors alleged in bond court Monday. 

According to officials, the roommate overheard the duo discussing a plan together one day before Kethireddy went missing on Aug. 4

Tony Green allegedly called Kethireddy, of Rolling Meadows, on Aug. 3 to tell him about a leaky roof at the property in the 6200 block of South May Street. When Kethireddy arrived the next day, Tony Green led him to the back of the home as Elijah Green snuck up from behind and put him in a chokehold until he died, prosecutors claimed. 

The roommate witnessed Elijah Green carrying the 76-year-old's body over his shoulder to the back door, officials said. 

The duo allegedly could not find a good spot to dispose of the body so they left it in the back seat of Kethireddy's car and covered the vehicle, prosecutors said. Authorities say the brothers stole $1,600 in cash from inside the car. 

Later that night and into Sunday morning, the pair drove the car to a sewer in front of their house, where Kethireddy's body was found more than a month later. 

According to prosecutors, the pair also used Kethireddy's credit cards at businesses near the home. 

The two became suspects after detectives discovered searches on Tony Green's phone for "how long it takes for a body in sewer water to decompose," prosecutors said. 

Investigators found Kethireddy's body Friday in a sewer in that same block of the Englewood neighborhood, near the location where his car was discovered in the weeds behind an abandoned home. [[494660711, C]]

Elijah Green, 25, and Tony Green, 22, were arrested on Saturday and Sunday, respectively, in the 6200 block of South May Street where they both lived, Chicago police said in a statement. [[494782541, C]]

The men were each charged with one felony count of first-degree murder, Chicago police said.

According to prosecutors, the brothers each blamed the murder on each other. Both men were represented by the same public defender in court. 

Both men were ordered held without bail Monday. 

Their public defender did not comment on the case.

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