Uptown Residents Worry Keys Meant For Postal Workers Used to Break Into Homes

Two men were caught on camera entering an Uptown building and exiting with electronics and valuables that belong to a local resident.

The victim, who NBC 5 is not naming out of their concerns for safety, said Thursday the men made off with multiple other items from the building in the 4700 block of North Sheridan Road.

"They stole our MacBook Pro, all of my photography and video equipment, they stole our credit cards," he said. "If they have access to our lockbox, they have access to other ones as well."

Residents believe the suspects got access to a lockbox, took the key left inside for the postal worker then used that to get inside the building.

"In the video you can see them walk up, do something with the box, immediately walk over to the front door, they didn’t break the door, they didn’t break the glass, they just opened the door with a key and got right in," the man whose possessions were taken said.

On the 4700 block of North Malden, residents also believe thieves are getting into the lockbox and into the building they say cameras here, caught suspects near the box the same day a woman reported an attempted break in.

"She looked through the peep hole and she saw two guys standing and they were turning her knob trying to get into her place," the Homeowners Association President, who also didn't want her name used, said. "It’s terrifying. It’s absolutely terrifying because they can get into our building and try to break into units when we’re not home. 

A spokesman for the postal service tells NBC 5 they have no reports of missing keys still, residents have changed their locks and postal workers must be buzzed in.

"It definitely makes you feel violated and less safe in what is supposed to be the safest space of your life: your home," the Sheridan Road victim said.

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