Megabus Cancellations Leave Passengers Stranded

Megabus service won't start up until after 9 p.m. Tuesday

Megabus riders were among the hundreds of people stranded this week due to the frigid temperatures.

By Tuesday evening, Maddy Bray had been stuck in Chicago for nearly a day after her Megabus was canceled. She spent time hanging out in a coffee shop near Union Station awaiting word from the bus company, but details were scarce for her and other passengers waiting in the bitter cold.

"We sit there for awhile and another man comes in and says he's been waiting for an hour and wondering where they were, and we overheard them say Megabuses have been canceled until Wednesday," said Bray, who's trying to get to Columbus. "They were rescheduled until Thursday at 10 p.m., so I'll be getting home at like 8 a.m. Friday."

Megabus VP of marketing Mike Alvich said roads across the Midwest have been too unsafe to travel, and that passenger safety is first priority.

Alvich said standard procedure is to immediately text or email people with changes, and he's not sure what happened in Bray's case.

"I feel like they could have let people know sooner and tried to figure out better than they are," Bray said. "I've missed two days, going on three days of work now."

Megabus service won't start up until after 9 p.m. Tuesday, as trapped drivers and buses are re-positioned.

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