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Meet The Shedd Aquarium's New Penguin Chicks

Check out the baby penguin chicks in photo

Four Mangellic penguin chicks hatched in May and were revealed to Chicago Wednesday at the Shedd Aqarium.

The Shedd said the penguins have all hit milestones including socialization, first swim and eating full fish, showing they are ready to join the aquarium's penguin colony.

The three male chicks are named Porter, Popi and Sir Elio, while the female chick is named Dee, according to the Shedd. Select donors were given the opportunity to assist in naming the penguins.

Photos: Meet The Shedd Aquarium's New Baby Penguin Chicks

Guests hoping to see the penguins can spot the chicks in their habitat on exhibit at the aqarium or through a virtual encounter.

According to the Shedd, the baby penguins can be spotted by their slightly lighter grey feathers in the Polar Play Zone.

The Mangellic penguins are listed as nearly threatened by the International Union for Conservation of Nature, the aquarium said.

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