Tiny House at Medinah Threatens to Steal the Show

This week at the BMW Championship, a 300-square foot tiny house has been parked next to the 14th tee at the golf course, and although many questioned the sanity of the two club members that proposed the idea, there’s no denying that it’s been a big hit.

“None of us could have seen how truly popular it is,” member Vaughn Moore said.

The house comes packed with features, including several lofted beds, flatscreen TV’s, a full bathroom, kitchen, and most importantly of all, a perfect view of the 14th tee at the historic golf course.

“Players are standing on the teebox, and you can kind of see there’s a question mark (above their heads),” John Christopher said.

Charles Howell III even came into the house to take a look around, according to Christopher.

According to Forbes Magazine, the luxury of having an on-course dwelling isn’t coming cheap, as one Medinah member paid $15,000 to stay at the home for the entirety of the BMW Championship. Even with that price tag however, the views cannot be beaten.

 “You can look right out the window like it’s your back porch. You’ve got the greatest players in the world coming through there,” Christopher said.

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