Family Searches for Clues in Mysterious Disappearance of Medical Student

Ambrose Monye, 28, is set to graduate from medical school in just a few short weeks

Ambrose Monye is a medical student at a university in Guadalajara, Mexico, set to graduate in just a few weeks. Now, family and friends are searching frantically after the 28-year-old mysteriously disappeared. 

"His tickets to graduation are already bought for the ceremony, everything. Cap and gown already fitted, all the pictures taken," said younger brother Joseph Monye, also a medical student. "He's four weeks away from graduation and having a license as a medical doctor."

Joseph last heard from Ambrose on April 21, and he said nothing was amiss. Ambrose was last seen walking towards the University of Chicago's John Crerar Medical Library, planning to study. The fourth-year medical student was about to complete his rotations at Jackson Park Hospital. 

"We don't have any hints, clues or anything. It's like he disappeared into thin air," said Joseph. "Nobody knows were he went to or anything like that."

Joseph said there were fresh groceries in the refridgerator at Ambrose's Hyde Park apartment, where the air conditioning and a reading lamp were both left on. 

There has been no activity from his cell phone, credit card, or email since Ambrose disappeared. He wears reading glasses and carries a green backpack, his brother said. 

"I'm literally scared out of my mind. I have no idea what to do," said Joseph, adding, "This is the best time of his life right now. He should be celebrating and we are looking for him."

Joseph said the Monye family is seeking access to surveillance cameras at the library and his apartment building. Anyone with information is asked to contact the police. 

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