McKenna Adds Hair to Quinn

Quinn, who is bald as a bean in real life, actually looks quite dapper with his new coif

If Andy McKenna doesn’t end up winning the race for Illinois Governor he could always turn to a new career at Hair Club for Men.

McKenna has a real knack for cultivating luscious locks for his political opponents.

For his latest feat, McKenna has outfitted Governor Pat Quinn with his very own rug in a bid to link him to his predecessor Rod Blagojevich's failures and fiobles. 

Quinn, who is bald as a bean in real life, actually looks quite dapper with his new coif.

Former Illinois GOP Chairman McKenna started running his “hair” ads in October when he launched his campaign for governor. The first ad was a six-minute long send-up of a long line of corrupt Illinois politicians, all decked out in wigs that resemble the famous coif of Governor Rod Blagojevich.   

Despite his credentials as the GOP chief, McKenna has tried to position himself as an outsider. But, nearly two months into the campaign, he seems to have positioned himself as a yukster, with his repeated attempts at campaign comedy.

He’s also earning a reputation as someone who takes liberties with attribution. McKenna’s last Quinn ad, titled "Only," attacked the governor by claiming the state's budget problem were growing worse while the governor "hides the truth."

The words "hides the truth" were shown in the ad, without quotes, with "Chicago Tribune, 11/18/09" beneath, giving the appearance that the newspaper used the words.

But the newspaper never ran such a line.

McKenna's campaign stood by the ad, claiming it was a fair summary of facts reported by the newspaper and not an attempt to mislead people into thinking the Tribune accused Quinn of hiding something.

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