2 Arrested in Suburban McHenry County After Miniature Horses Found Dead

Animal control officers found emaciated horses at a suburban McHenry County property

Two people were arrested for aggravated animal cruelty after sheriff's deputies in suburban McHenry County found two dead miniature horses on a property, according to the non-profit Hooved Animal Rescue & Protection Society.

On Wednesday, McHenry County Animal Control officers were verifying vaccine records of a dog breeding operation in Marengo when they found emaciated horses on the property, officials said.

Animal control contacted HARPS investigators who arrived the following day and discovered the two deceased miniature horses.

Five other horses were severely malnourished, but alive and taken to the HARPS facility. Those horses are expected to recover.

The owner of the horses and the caretaker were both arrested by sheriff's deputies.

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