16th District Letter Suggests Divide in Illinois GOP

A letter mailed to Republicans in one Illinois district shows just how divided the state party is after the contentious primary.

The message is directed to 16th District Committeman John McGlasson — who did not support Gov. Bruce Rauner, but rather Jeanne Ives. McGlasson also did not support Congressman Adam Kinzinger. The letter, signed by four current lawmakers, asks McGlasson not to run for committeeman again. The same letter was also mailed to all of the newly elected precinct committeemen in the 16th District.


McGlasson tells NBC 5 he will not be deterred and is going to run for the committeeman post again and expects to win. He sees the letter from the lawmakers as a way to silence his voice. McGlasson says he will "certainly support Rauner over JB Pritzker, even if I would have preferred Ives."

The letter in question is signed by state representatives David Welter and Jerry Long, as well as state senators Chuck Weaver and Dave Syerson.

Weaver tells NBC 5 “The letter focused far more on the congressional race” than McGlasson’s support for Ives.

Welter says the letter was not just sent to McGlasson but also “every newly elected precinct committeman in the 16th district”. He adds “myself and several leaders feel that it would be in the best interest of the party and to achieve unity moving forward if McGlasson were to not run again and allow new leadership.”

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