McDonald's Rolls Out New Sandwich Option, Table Service at Hundreds of Locations

The Oak Brook-based chain announced Wednesday that it plans to offer up Taste Crafted Burgers and Chicken in 600 Southern California restaurants

Hundreds of McDonald’s restaurants are about to get new sandwich menu items and an entirely new way of ordering.

The Oak Brook, Illinois-based chain announced Wednesday that it plans to offer up Taste Crafted Burgers and Chicken in roughly 600 Southern California restaurants and also plans to test table service at those locations. 

According to the company, the new menu items allow customers to create a sandwich by giving them the option of beef, buttermilk crispy chicken or artisan grilled chicken and a choice between a sesame seed bun, a potato roll or an artisan roll. Customers can also choose one of four flavor options, including pico guacamole, buffalo bacon, maple bacon Dijon and deluxe.

"Consumers have told us that they are looking for variety and the ability to customize their choices. Taste Crafted Burgers and Chicken allows us to cater to our customers' desires," said Clay Paschen III, president, McDonald's Operators' Association of Southern California (MOASC). "We're excited to bring these delicious ingredients, delectable flavors and variety to our Southern California customers."

The table service test means customers will place their order at the front counter and receive a metal stand with their order number on it. They can take the stand to their table and their food will be delivered to them, a company spokesperson confirmed. 

"We know that eating out is about the whole experience from start to finish," said spokeswoman Lisa McComb. "This extra touch of hospitality makes every visit more enjoyable from the time customers order until they are ready to leave."

It was not clear if the sandwich option and table service would eventually be rolled out nationwide, but McComb said the company is focused on "gathering the valuable customer and crew feedback from this test."

Last month, Bloomberg reported that McDonald’s rolled out a new method for taking orders from the drive-thru window to ensure accuracy. The company also announced plans to offer mozzarella sticks nationwide next year.  

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