McDonald's restaurants to phase out all self-service soda, beverage stations by 2032

The changes are set to roll out over the next 10 years, a McDonald's spokesperson said

Part of your dine-in experience at McDonald's will soon look a little bit different.

The Chicago-based fast-food chain will be transitioning away from self-serve soda and beverage stations in dining rooms across the country, a spokesperson for the restaurant told NBC Chicago.

Instead, beverage stations will be "crew managed" -- which means customers will no longer be handed by employees a cup to fill up themselves.

The change, the spokesperson said, is meant to create a more consistent experience across all ordering points -- including McDonald's delivery, drive-thru, app or in-restaurant. It's expected to roll out over the next 10 years, as new restaurants are being built or as existing ones scheduled for remodeling.

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By 2032, all self-serve beverage stations are expected to be phased out, the spokesperson added.

The news was first reported on Sept. 8 by the State Journal-Register, who spoke to Illinois-area franchise holders about the new strategy.

The removal of self-serve beverage machines is the latest among a slew of changes McDonald's has seen this past year. Earlier this summer, the chain removed three bakery menu items as part of a "phase out." In the spring, the restaurant said it would make tweaks to the way its burger buns, patties and cheese are cooked.

Later this year, Squishmallows are set to come to Happy Meals.

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