Hepatitis A Was Not On McDonald's Menu

20 cases of hepatitis A confirmed in northwestern Illinois

Hepatitis A was not on the menu at a northwestern Illinois McDonalds but authorities want to know why an employee case went unreported for more than three weeks.

At least 20 cases of hepatitis A have been confirmed and an estimated 10,000 people who ate at a McDonald's in Milan are being urged to get preventive treatment.

An infected McDonald's employee came to work on seven days in July, possibly spreading the virus to patrons. And another McDonald's worker was diagnosed June 17, but health officials didn't know about that case until about three weeks later.

Most people contract hepatitis A from contaminated food or water or from close contact with someone who's already infected.

In a written statement forwarded by McDonald's corporate office, franchisee Kevin Murphy says the health and safety of his employees and customers is a top priority. Murphy operates the Milan restaurant.

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