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McDonald's To Introduce New McFlurry Flavor For a Limited Time


Made with soft serve ice cream and typically topped with a classic chocolate treat, the McFlurry at McDonald's has become recognizable worldwide since first being introduced in Canada nearly three decades ago.

While M&M and Oreo are the flavors most commonly seen in the U.S., a flavor typically only available abroad will be at participating McDonald's restaurants by mid-April.

The strawberry shortcake McFlurry, originally introduced and typically sold in Singapore, will be available at U.S. McDonald's restaurants for a limited time beginning on April 12, according to TODAY.

According to the fast food chain, the new McFlurry will have a "signature creamy vanilla soft serve, strawberry-flavored clusters and crispy, buttery shortbread cookies.”

The announcement comes on the heels of wrapping up the sale of another limited time McFlurry, the "Oreo Shamrock" McFlurry, which was sold alongside the Shamrock Shake, an annual seasonal favorite.

According to TODAY, other flavors available in the past for a limited time include Stroopwafel, Boston Cream, Snickerdoodle and even Chicken and Waffles.

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