The Differences You'll Notice The Next Time You Order at a McDonald's Drive-Thru

About 70 percent of McDonald’s orders come from people who never leave their car

McDonald’s knows there is nothing more annoying than waiting out a long line at the drive-thru only to get your food and realize something is wrong with your order, which is why the fast-food giant has reportedly rolled out a brand new method for taking orders from the drive-thru window.

About 70 percent of McDonald’s orders come from people who never leave their car and the restaurant chain is hoping a new measure called "ask, ask, tell" will keep customers happy by ensuring their orders are right, according to Bloomberg.

"Ask, ask, tell" slows down the drive-thru ordering process for McDonald’s U.S. stores, requiring employees to repeat the orders back to customers three times: first when they place their order, a second time at the window when they pay and a final time when they hand customers their food.

The new process gives customers three different times in the drive-thru process to ensure every detail of their order is correct down to the condiments and special modifications, but it will likely create a slightly longer wait time for the added steps for each single order.

McDonald’s has also asked storefronts to turn off the pre-recorded greetings at drive-thrus so real employees say hello instead, Crain’s Chicago Business reports.

Finally, workers will no longer fold over the tops of bags at the end of the ordering process, so customers can easily peak inside to make sure their food is correct.

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