McDonald's Employees Protest at Headquarters in Chicago After Sexual Harassment Claims

Demonstrators held a protest at McDonald’s headquarters in Chicago Tuesday, demanding change and raising awareness over sexual harassment claims filed by several employees with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

Workers marched with a message that continues to grab headlines—the ‘#MeToo’ movement, which has now reached the McDonald’s chain.

Some employees from several cities, including one from Chicago, say they too, have been victimized.

“I have experienced harassment at McDonalds not just once but twice,”said Saint Louis McDonald’s worker Kimberly Lawson.

Lawson was one of the workers who took part in the rally outside its headquarters in the West Loop Tuesday.

Lawson and two other McDonald’s workers detailed the harassment they say they suffered.

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“A manager repeatedly made sexual comments towards me, he talked about my body,” expressed Lawson.

“One of my male co-workers began to sexually harass me at work. I told him I wasn’t interested but his behavior only got worse,” said Breauna Morrow, another McDonald’s worker.

“The ‘#MeToo’ movement has called attention…of sexual harassment and sexual assault,” said Attorney Meredith Johnson.

In an effort to demand change, ’Fight for $15’ helped in organizing the campaign to raise workers’ minimum wage to $15.

“Many women working fast food, live paycheck to paycheck, often supporting children or other family members,” said Johnson. “Walking away from the harassment is often not a viable option.”

In a statement, McDonald’s spokesperson Terri Hickey said “McDonald’s Corporation takes allegations of sexual harassment very seriously and are confident our independent franchises…will do the same.”

All of the allegations come franchises, not restaurants directly run by McDonald’s.

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