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Cops Close in on Suspected McClendon Killers



    Cops Close in on Suspected McClendon Killers
    Just last week the McClendon's were celebrating an anniversary.

    The CLTV talk show host Garrard McClendon says he's already forgiven the people responsible for murdering his parents.

    "It's painful, it hurts," he told WGN-TV in an exclusive interview. "The vision of my parents being murdered is unbelievable ... I can't get that vision out of my head."

    "[I have]forgiven the perpetrators," McClendon said.  "Do I want them caught? Of course ... But I can't live a productive life just in constant pain ... Yes, I want justice served."

    The bodies of Milton and Ruby McClendon, of Hammond, Ind., were found by a woman walking in the Wentworth Woods Forest Preserve, near Calumet City. Neither victim had identification with them, said Cook County Forest Preserve Police spokesman Steve Mayberry.

    Milton McClendon, 78, was dressed in a multicolored dress shirt with buttons, dark pants and suspenders, Mayberry said. Ruby McClendon, 76, was found dressed in a white shirt and dark pants with no shoes.

    McClendon hosts a nightly 30-minute show on the Tribune Company's CLTV which features commentary from newsmakers and viewers. He's also a professor, author and diversity trainer, according to a profile on his Web site, and maintains a column on the Web site.

    Meanwhile, cops are closing in on the suspected McClendon killers after two men were seen attempting to sell stolen property from Milton and Ruby McClendon's home soon after the couple's murder, according to Chicago Breaking News.

    The same two men were also spotted fleeing the McClendon's 1997 Cadillac Eldorado, which they'd apparently abandoned on the Dan Ryan Expressway Wednesday morning.

    Police have released few other details.

    Detectives are working on linking evidence from the stolen Cadillac to the suspects.