McCarthy Announces Police Department Restructuring

After only three months on the job, Chicago Police Superintendant Garry McCarthy Monday announced sweeping changes to the department's command structure.

Taking a cue from his boss, Mayor Rahm Emanuel, McCarthy said a number of key reassignments, and the outright elimination of several command positions will lead to a savings of more than $1 million for the city.

The most notable of the changes affects longtime commander Alfonza Wysinger, who was named to the newly restored position of First Deputy Superintendant. At the same time, the positions of assistant superintendant and deputy superintendant were eliminated.

McCarthy decried the command structure he inherited from ousted Superintendent Jody Weis as "cluttered and complicated."

"We're leaner and we're meaner, is what this boils down to," he said.

Among the other announced changes, according to a press release.

  • Chief Tina Skahill will be reassigned from the Office of Compliance to Special Functions, and Chief Eugene Williams will serve as the Executive Officer in the Bureau of Patrol.
  • Debra Kirby will serve as Chief in charge of planning on national and international critical events.
  • Eddie Johnson will be promoted to Deputy Chief of Area Four Patrol. Johnson, 23-year-veteran of the Department, has honorably served as the Commander of the Gresham (006th) District for more than three years. He brings impressive patrol experience to his new assignment.
  • Deputy Chief Eddie Welch is being entrusted as the second in charge of Internal Affairs. Welch last served as the Deputy Chief of Area One Patrol.
  • Area One Patrol will now be commanded by Deputy Chief Wayne Gulliford, who was most recently assigned as the Deputy Chief of Area Four Patrol.
  • Commander Eric Carter, who has served the officers and community of the South Chicago (004th) District for nearly three years.

The Six Bureau Chiefs are:

  • Patrol: Ernest Brown
  • Detectives: Thomas Byrne
  • Organized Crime: Nicholas Roti
  • Internal Affairs: Juan Rivera
  • Administration: Beatrice Cuello
  • Organizational Development: Brian Murphy 
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