Mayor Mum on Jesse Jackson Jr. Endorsement

Will Mayor Rahm Emanuel endorse Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. or former Rep. Debbie Halvorson in the second congressional district race? 

He's not saying. Not now, anyway.

"There is a time and a season for politics," Emanuel said Tuesday during an unrelated press conference, "and I'll make my political statements and my political endorsements when that season is there."

Rumor had it the mayor considered putting his support behind Jackson Jr. In response, Emanuel told reporters it's too early to make a statement.

"Jesse Jackson Jr. is a former colleague of mine and a friend," Emanuel said, adding the two have worked together on public transportation issues. "He is a good congressman for the people he has represented, and they will make the choice, not me, for whether he will continue."

He had kind words for Halvorson, as well. "I've also served with Debbie Halvorson, and I recruited her actually to originally run for Congress."

But that doesn't mean he's ready to name names.

"I'll make the choice when and where," Emanuel said.

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