Mayor Emanuel to Announce Another Round of Chicago Police Department Reforms

Mayor Rahm Emanuel and his new superintendent Eddie Johnson are preparing will outline a plan to reform the city's police department Thursday. 

Just days after getting a 190-page report from the accountability task force he appointed, Emanuel says he will put about 25 reforms in place immediately. 

Changes include holding more meetings with minority communities, expanding crisis intervention training for police officers on how to help those with mental illness, and conducting faster investigations into police wrongdoing, the Chicago Tribune reports. 

Mayor Emanuel has agreed to take immediate action on about one-third of the recommendations put together by a task force he assembled after the fallout from Laquan McDonald’s shooting death at the hands of a Chicago police officer, according to the mayor’s office. 

Several reforms were previously announced, such as mandated Taser training for all responding officers by June 1, and expanding the department’s use of body cameras. 

There are some of the task force’s recommendations though that the mayor has no plans to act on, including getting rid of the independent police review authority, which is the agency that investigates police-involved shootings.

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