Mayor Emanuel Gets Cold Reception at Final Town Hall Budget Meeting

Mayor Emanuel was booed at his final town hall budget meeting at Wright College on the Northwest Side.

It was a largely unfriendly crowd but the third and final public budget meeting failed to generate the same fireworks as the previous night when protesters jumped on the stage and Emanuel was escorted away by his security team.

There was still a heavy security presence tonight as residents talk to the microphone.

"You work for us -- give us back our city,” one resident said.

It was the last of three public meetings Emanuel held over the city’s budget. The first two were on Aug. 31 at Malcolm X College and Sept. 2 at South Shore Cultural Center.

Emanuel has said the meetings were "to discuss the City's current budget outlook and solicit savings, reform and revenue ideas from residents to assist in the preparation of the 2016 budget."

Residents can still voice their ideas at the town hall meetings or via social media using the hashtag #ChiBudget2016.

Emanuel will present the 2016 budget to City Council on Sept. 22.

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