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Emanuel Touts Increase in CPD Minority Recruitment

The department's new hiring initiative draws high percentage of minority applicants

At a press conference Friday at the Urban League Club, Mayor Rahm Emanuel touted the Chicago Police Department’s new recruitment program which has placed an emphasis on minority hiring.

“It’s much better than it’s ever been," Emanuel said. "Right now the signs are good and we are pushing hard to keep it that way."

According to a press release provided by the mayor’s office Friday, over 70 percent of new applicants are minorities.

The department began accepting applications last November. This is the first time the CPD has accepted applications since 2013. During that campaign, 58 percent of applicants were minorities.

The latest campaign has focused on recruiting at schools, churches, community events and, perhaps most importantly, on social media.

“The early indications are the investment in social media and some of the things operationally we did has made an impact,” said Mayor Emanuel.

Applications will be accepted until Jan. 31. 

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