Burglary Suspect Raped Daughter Two Years Ago: Father - NBC Chicago

Burglary Suspect Raped Daughter Two Years Ago: Father

Matthew Clark, 19, is being held on $450,000 bail



    Burglary Suspect Raped Daughter Two Years Ago: Father
    Matthew Clark

    An Oak Lawn father says the judicial system failed him, his daughter and North Side residents by not building a strong enough case against a man who admitted to raping his daughter.

    That same man, 19-year-old Matthew Clark, is now being held on $450,000 bail after being charged with home invasion, aggravated unlawful restraint and armed robbery.

    "He should have been in lot longer than year in the county jail for a sexual assault," the father said.  NBCChicago is not naming the man to protect the identify of his daughter.

    "If he would have been tried and convicted on the original charges, he would not be able to be out to terrorize any other families."

    Clark was charged Wednesday in connection with two Lakeview home invasions in recent months.   One occurred in early September on the 1400 block of West Addison and the other a month later on the 1400 block of West Barry Avenue

    In the second case, a female victim said she was fondled by her attacker.

    That comes as no surprise to the Oak Lawn father, who said Clark should still be behind bars after drugging and raping his daughter at a party two years ago.

    The father says Clark admitted to sexual assault in that case, but the judge ruled his statements inadmissible.  Clark ultimately did time for a lesser battery charge.

    "He manipulated the system.  This kid, if he could steal cars, point guns at people, shoot people... he knows what he's doing," the father said.

    The man said his daughter still sleeps with the lights on because she fears being assaulted again. 

    Police would not say if Clark is connected to other recent Lakeview home invasions.