Matt Forte Still Wants to Play in Pro Bowl

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Matt Forte's knee is coming along nicely. Though it didn't heal in time for him to play in the season-ending win. Forte is hoping to take snaps at least one more time this season.

He was elected to the Pro Bowl, and is hoping to play in Hawaii on Jan. 29.

"I think anybody who makes the Pro Bowl their first time would like to go out there and play,” Forte said. “I was concerned about not being able to play in it, being that it was my first time. But it all worked out.”

If he passes a Bears physical, he can play. Since he has a few weeks to go before the game, it could happen.

Look, I get it. It's Forte's first Pro Bowl, and who wouldn't want to take an expenses-paid trip to Hawaii with teammates and friends? But Forte is in the middle of a prolonged contract negotiation and needs to look more long-term. Playing in the Pro Bowl and putting his body in danger not long after a season-ending injury is just not smart.

Miss this Pro Bowl, Matt. Focus on signing a deal that will allow you to go to Hawaii whenever you want.

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