Matt Forte Embracing New Baby and Offense

Since Matt Forte finished last season with 1,094 yards, he's been through several changes. He now has a new coach, a new offensive coordinator, and a new baby at home. He talked to NBC Chicago about how he's embracing it all.

His daughter, Nala, is the biggest change in his life. Forte said he was never an early riser until she was born.

"For some reason, an internal clock turns on once you've had a baby. I never used to get up at 6 o'clock. Now I do, routinely."

Nala was born early in the off-season, so he has plenty of time to spend with her and his wife, Danielle.

"When we first got married I said, just make sure when we have a baby we have it in the off-season. She agreed with it. Or I wasn't going to help!" Forte said with a laugh.

Forte is one of many young fathers on the Bears team. Jay Cutler, Earl Bennett and Devin Hester are among the many players with young ones at home. The bond of fatherhood connects them as a team, and they even schedule playdates.

"We all like to share pictures. It's kinda like a little club. We all hang out together, too," Forte said.

He is also dealing with a new offense at work. Forte is learning his fourth offense in five years with the Bears. He is excited to learn the new offense, so he doesn't mind putting in the time.

"You gotta be willing to learn it and be ready to study day in and day out. You want to know it on the field so you don't have to think about the play. Especially, when you're excited about the type of offense it is."

The offense designed by new offensive coordinator Aaron Kroner will give Forte a chance to work both as a running back and a receiver.

"It's a running back type of offense. You can catch a lot of balls in this offense. The running game is pretty good, too. I'm excited about it, especially with the offensive line that we've got."

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