Marshall Takes on Leadership Role

After the Bears lost to the Packers on Sunday, wide receiver Brandon Marshall led an emotional post game press conference calling for everyone on offense to be accountable.  

"This has been happening all year" Marshall said.  

His comments pointed in the direction of Offensive Coordinator Mike Tice.  Still Tice took the high ground and wasn't offended.  

"We're all emotional" Tice said Wednesday after the Bears held a light practice. "It's hard, its hard when you lose its not just 'a' game, its hard when you have a string like this. Frustrations mount, and we're all accountable.  It starts with me. I'm wearing the hat."  

Marshall wouldn't say if he was called into the principal's office -- Head Coach Lovie Smith or General Manager Phil Emery -- after such public finger pointing, though Marshall points out that he turned the finger on himself, too.  

"When you make a comment like that its almost guaranteed you might rub some people the wrong way" Marshall said. "And some people may respond to it in a positive way."  

Seven years into his NFL career and Marshall has every personal accomplishment he could want. From Denver to Miami to Chicago the receiving records are his.  

But what he doesn't have is a ring -- he's never even been to the playoffs.  "I understand what losing is, and i understand what winning is.  and this is a winning team" Marshall explained why his frustrations boiled over.  And while he has strapped the Bears offense on his back, he is also willing to strap on the role of leader to get to where he's never been.    

"This is a new role for me as far as leadership" Marshall reflected, "I know that I'm not perfect, maybe I'm approaching it the wrong way."  

Or maybe not after a three game losing streak and the playoffs slipping away.

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