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Yang Had Directions to Victim's House

Former boyfriend says she gave him books on how to make gun silencers



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    Marni Yang used a work computer to get directions to her victim's Deerfield home, a police computer expert testified Wednesday.

    Yang is charged with the October 2007 murder of Rhoni Reuter and her unborn child.  

    Computer forensic agent Kevin Gerloch testified that a search of Yang's workplace computer revealed a MapQuest record of directions to Reuter's Deerfield home, the Daily Herald reported.

    A former boyfriend of Yang also took the witness stand. Salvador Devera testified he and Yang often went to a shooting range for target practice.

    He also said she gave him two books on how to make gun silencers.

    Yang's former friend, Christi Paschen, is scheduled to take the witness stand on Thursday. 

    Pashen wore a wire tap in which prosecutors said helped get Yang to implicate herself in the murder.

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    A day earlier, Bears great Shaun Gayle admitted he had a sexual relationship with Yang and that they had sex the night before the murder of his pregnant girlfriend.

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