Markham Police Recover $1M in Stolen Goods Following Burglary Ring Bust

Police say the stolen goods were stashed in a storage facility near the Markham Police Dept.

Police in Markham arrested six people and recovered more than $1 million in stolen goods following the bust of a “sophisticated” burglary ring, police said on Friday.

Officers recovered a wide variety of items including electronics, kitchenware, clothing, high-end luxury luggage and top-shelf liquor. 

“The individuals have been at this for a very long time,” said Markham Police Chief Terry White.

According to police, the burglars targeted delivery trucks and rail yards, and stole whatever items were inside.

The stolen goods were then stashed in a storage facility in the 1600 block of Kedzie, which is located down the street from the Markham Police Department, police said. 

Markham police also recovered stolen vehicles, which the chief said were used to divert officers after the thefts. Officers would follow the “chase car,” while other vehicles brought the stolen items to the storage units, police said.

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