Mark Kirk Sends Video Greeting to RNC

Though Sen. Mark Kirk wasn't able to attend the Republican National Convention this year as he recovers from a stroke, he sent along his hellos Tuesday in a video greeting.

"I really wish I could be with you today," Kirk said, calling this "one of the most important elections we've ever had."

The video was played during Tuesday's Illinois delegation breakfast ahead of the first official day of the convention following a storm delay. Compared to two other videos sent in May and July, the 52-year-old senator looks noticeably improved.

"I want to also remember our congressional candidates, a team that ... has switched the Illinois delegation from being majority Democrat to a majority Republican."

The message received a standing ovation from delegates.

Kirk has been recovering at his home since May, when sent along his first video update, giving a glimpse into the damage the stroke did to his body and the extent to which he had recovered in just three months.

The video shows Kirk during several physical therapy sessions, covered in medical equipment and struggling to control his motor functions. His personal goal, he said in the video, is being able to climb the 45 steps it takes to get to the front door of the Senate.

Last month Kirk said he continues to work hard and walks an average of 3,677 steps per day during a research trial.

"Every day is a challenge but I am committed to providing you with updates on my rehabilitation and my work on behalf of Illinois in the United States Senate," he said. "Thank you to all of you who continue to send their prayers and messages of support, I am honored to serve and look forward to returning as soon as possible."

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