Why Marc Trestman's Confidence Is Infectious

Sometimes when Chicago Bears coach Marc Trestman speaks, he sounds like the king of corporate speak. He talks about assimilating verbiage, creating environments and processes. He's basically the Jack Donaghy of Halas Hall. But like Donaghy, he also has a way of making you believe in what he's saying.

He's even starting to make a winning season for the Bears sound believable.

"When our coaches walk through the locker room, we say: 'Why can't we? Is there any reason why we can't compete for championships based on what we see in this locker room and on the field?'" Trestman said as he started his first training camp as Bears coach. "And the answer is we certainly can. There's no reason why we can't compete."

Call me crazy, but don't you kind of ... believe him? When you listen to Trestman, you think a winning season, and maybe even the Super Bowl is a possibility.

The Philadelphia Phillies took on a similar attitude when they won the World Series in 2008. Using the grammatically incorrect phrase, "Why can't us?" as a rallying cry, they beat the Devil Rays to win their first World Series in nearly 30 years.

So maybe Trestman knows something we don't, or maybe he just believes in something we don't yet. Believing in a team that isn't an overwhelming favorite is half the fun.

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