Many Iowa Republicans Undecided Before Caucuses

Thousands of Iowans will have America’s first say in who the Republican nominees will be Monday night – and many Iowans say they are waiting until the last minute to decide.

As Donald Trump sees it, he's already won -- and the fight now is just for who is in second and third place.

Marco Rubio is a candidate the 11 members of the Illinois general assembly are supporting, including State Senator Mike Connelly. He believes by the time the candidates come to Illinois in mid-March, this contest will still be up for grabs.

“We think that Illinois will be in play March 15 and it will be a battleground,” Connelly said.

Although many politicians are stumping for various candidates, one you don’t see is Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

A new Chicago Tribune poll shows that only 27 percent of Chicagoans approve of Emanuel’s leadership and job performance while 63 percent disapprove.

The poll comes on the heels of the police-involved shooting death of Chicago teen Laquan McDonald which led to months of protests and calls for Emanuel’s resignation.

“Everyone recognizes including the Clinton campaign that he is a drag on the campaign,” said former mayoral opponent Jesus “Chuy” Garcia said.

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