No Snow? No Problem.

Pair of Chicago teens launch a business to make it snow when Mother Nature can't

Love it or hate it, we’re used to a lot of snow here in Chicago.  But if Mother Nature doesn’t come through, a pair of Chicago teens is ready to step in.

They call themselves Chicago’s Snow Makers. Kevin Manetti, a senior at Lincoln Park High School, and his friend George Obrachta, promise to turn your yard into a winter wonderland for about $25 an hour, depending on how much snow you need. 
"We're getting tons of emails; people from all over," said Manetti, explaining that the idea came to them when he and his friends wanted to go snowboarding but didn't have a ride.

"When we were starting off, none of us could drive so we decided to save our parents the trouble of driving by looking into how much it would cost to make our own snow," he said.
They looked up how to do it online, bought the equipment and made their first "snowfall" last January. Word quickly spread to family and friends.

"It would be cool if you could make snow for us if there’s no snow on Christmas," Manetti recalled someone saying. 

A recent update on their website,, said they were able to make it snow 15 inches overnight. They’ve got pictures to back up their work.
Manetti said the money isn’t piling up just yet, but they’re getting plenty of attention.

"My elementary school principal emailed us and said, 'Hey, Kevin and George, we’re so proud of you. Can you come make snow for the winter assembly in a couple of weeks?'" he said.
The guys aren't in it to get rich. They just want to help pay for the expensive equipment and to be able to pay for repairs, they said.
The best part, Manetti said, is watching the reaction from people as they drive by his house.

"People stop and get out, make snowballs, then drive away, take pictures, then just drive away," he said.

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