Frugal Chicagoan Straps Snowmobile to the Top of His Chevy, Drives Through Wisconsin

Frugal Chicagoan seen throughout the state of Wisconsin

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Electrician apprentice Tommy Mecher has caused quite a stir in Wisconsin after being seen driving his car with a snowmobile on the roof.

Photos and video popped up on Facebook last week and were first reported by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

"I only burned 10 dollars more in gas on a 430-mile trip," Mecher told the Journal Sentinal. "I put it on the roof in Lemont, Illinois, where the snowmobile was and drove it up to Bessemer, Michigan."

Photos: Man Too Cheap To Pay For a Trailer Strapped a Snowmobile To The Top Of His Chevy

He did not have a snowmobile trailer but admitted in a phone interview Tuesday afternoon that he probably wouldn't have used one anyway.

"Just for myself and one snowmobile, I thought this was a superior way of doing it," he told the publication.

The photos prompted reactions on a Facebook page for snowmobile enthusiasts.

Several people chimed in with locations he was seen, ranging from Oak Creek to Allenton to Lomira.

Mecher says it took about an hour to load it on the roof of his 2005 car, using an old blue Ford tractor with a bucket. He modified the end of the snowmobile to keep the machine's track from caving in the roof or breaking the rear window.

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