Man Shot Near Packed School Playground

Shooting occurs a block from Englewood elementary school

A 23-year-old man was hospitalized Thursday after he was shot twice near an Englewood school.

It happened at about 12:20 p.m. in the 6500 block of South May Street, a block from Bass Elementary School.

The victim was listed in stable condition with gunshot wounds to his leg and buttocks.

Students were on the playground when the shooting occurred and were immediately ushered inside the school, but no kids were harmed. A camera crew caught footage of school officials picking up jump ropes, hula hoops and other assorted toys left behind by the fleeing children.

"All the kids in second grade, they were out on recess, all the kids were piled up on top of each other trying to get in the school, and the teachers were running out trying to grab as many kids as they could," said Savannaha Love, who has a child at the school. "This is ridiculous, it's only the third day of school."

The shooting occurred a half a block away from another shooting in May that took a man's life.

No arrests have been made in Thursday's shooting which did not happen on a CPS safe passage route.

Ironically, it did happen blocks away from where Rep. Bobby Rush and Sen. Mark Kirk were holding a meeting Thursday to discuss gang violence in the area.

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