Man Shot 7 Times at Alsip Gas Station Was Trying To Diffuse Argument, Family Says

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Cheryl West said her son is still recovering after being shot seven times while trying to diffuse a situation at a gas station in Alsip.

"He doesn’t regret what he did because he really did feel that she, you know, the young lady could have possibly been harmed," said West.

West's 22-year-old son, Michael, stopped at the gas station near 117th Street and South Pulaski Road last Sunday evening to get a drink and walked in to find a man arguing with the clerk and other customers.

"They were waiting in line. At some point the young woman requested she could just pay for her gas and go, because she wanted to get on with her evening," West said. "The individual then turned his rage towards her and he physically postured against her, and I don’t know what his words were towards her but they were threatening."

West said that's when her son stepped in to try to protect the young woman.

"My son Michael, you know, put his hand on his shoulder and said something to the effect, 'Hey man, just leave her alone,'" she said.

Things quickly escalated with the man seen on surveillance video now facing her son.

Alsip police released a surveillance picture of the suspect.

"He turned toward my son and shoved him and said something to the effect of, 'Oh you’re the effing Good Samaritan now,'" she said.

Her son left the store and that’s when police say the man went to his car, grabbed a gun and started shooting at West's son in the parking lot of the gas station.  

"The rest of the incident transpired outside,” she said. “He did make statements like, 'This will teach you to mind your own business.'"

She added, "He smiled at my son as he drove away. It’s very clear to me this is an evil individual."

West said her son ran to a barbecue restaurant next door asking for help.

“They did let him in and thank God they started a tourniquet on his leg before the ambulance was able to get there, so I’m very thankful for them,” she said.

West's son was shot in the knee and thigh, his right foot was fractured in several places, and one of the arteries to his left foot was severed. West She told NBC 5 her son underwent several surgeries to repair the damage. He’s been released from the hospital and started physical therapy.

"He’s really strong and he just wants to move forward from this and I think he has faith in the police and the support of everyone," she said.

Alsip police told NBC 5 that investigators have identified a suspect and plan to meet with the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office to review the case and to seek an arrest warrant for the suspect.

"I want him to be charged to be charged to the fullest," she said. "I will not rest until that happens."

West said the suspect also stole her son's cash before driving off.

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