Man Killed Running Across Eisenhower

A man trying to run across the Eisenhower Expressway near Kostner Avenue was hit and killed by a car Saturday night.

“The jeep hit him so hard the man flew higher than the car that hit him.  As he’s coming down, another car…hit him before he even touched the ground,” said Antoine Williams who witnessed the accident from the Pulaski CTA train platform.

While police haven’t said why they believe the unidentified man was running across the expressway, Williams believes he was trying to get on the train without paying.  Williams said he saw the man and another, try unsuccessfully to get on at the Pulaski station with one fare card.  Shortly after, he saw both men jump the fence near the expressway and start running across.  

“He died for $2.25,” said Williams.
The cars that hit the man remained on the scene and were questioned by police.  Charges or citations aren’t expected against the drivers, said police.
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