Man Killed After Visiting Chicago Family On Mother's Day

The man is a great-nephew of long-time Chicago peace activist Hal Baskin

A man was shot and killed on Mother's Day after visiting his Chicago family, which has deep ties to the community.

Ronald Baskin, 21, was one of two people killed over the weekend and seven others wounded in city gun violence. Police said Baskin, a relative of long-time Chicago peace activist Hal Baskin, was gunned down after visiting his great-grandmother's home in the Englewood neighborhood for Mother's Day.

Baskin is the great-nephew of the executive director of the Peace Community Center in Englewood. He was leaving the home in the 6500 block of South Green Street at about 4 p.m. when shots were fired near his vehicle, police said.

Activist Andrew Holmes said the family is distraught over the loss.

Police are still looking for the shooter.

In a statement, the Englewood Political Taskforce said Hal Baskin is "calling for calm, peace and no retaliatory action throughout the Englewood community."

The incident comes as Chicago Police continue their crusade to get illegal guns off streets.

So far this year the CPD reports it has recovered more than 2,500 guns. The police department credits that with the city's decline in overall crime in 2013, but Supt. Garry McCarthy says more needs to be done.

Less than two weeks ago, as temperatures reached the 80s, three people were killed and 20 others were wounded in shootings across the city. About a dozen were shot in 12 hours, police said.

"We're going to have good days, we're going to have bad days," McCarthy said after the mid-week night of shootings. "The first four months of this year, we're in a position we haven't been in since the mid-'60s as far as the murder rate goes."

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